Smartphone Battery Problems?

Why my phone battery decrease Many times?
hi friend my name is sh arad bhaste. My phone battery is decrease too many smartphone
users question is why my phone battery is   decrease.
and what is the solution about the battery charging decrease,  because many users
are use their smartphones rest time and charges smartphone many time in day many time in day.

So today I tell you what's the reason for your battery  charging decrease,

First reason is brightness.


many smartphone users is increase our smartphone brightness very much that's why battery
charging is decreasing very soon.
many smartphone users set their smartphone brightness in automatic mode,

that's why I increase the brightness very much that have you can't I use a smartphone.
the smart phone automatic mode sensor is know the  the brightness is increased very much
and your battery charging is decrease very soon because it's automatic mode.
so basically you are you have to set your brightness in manual mode and that to a brightness
level in lower side. because your brightness smartphone  brightness is decrease your smartphone
battery very soon.
Background apps

many smartphone users are use apps and press middle button and open another app.
 they are harmful to your smartphone battery is because the applications to fresh milk middle
button and open another application the application is Run in your smartphone because you .
cannot close this application. press middle button and open another application so basically
2 application is run in your smartphone in same time this is harmful to your smartphone batteries and
your wrong thing is  decrease your smartphone battery and many times when your battery is
damaged permanently. because you use your smartphone sometime and you have charge .
your smartphone many times in day. that cause 2 battery smartphone battery is damaged

close data connection.

many smartphone user on there smartphone internet data.
if you are not needed you internet off your data conection.
smartphone data conection is use your battery so much . thats why your battery is low.

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