How To Increase Blog Traffic

My name is sharad bhashte
How to increase  blog traffic. Some new blogger  mistake to increase your blog traffic.
he doesn't know how to increase her blog traffic.
so friend in this post  I tell you how to increase your  blog traffic.
but why blogger  have not any traffic.
Because he does not follow some blogging tips or seo.

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how to increase your  blogger blog traffic.
  many new  blogger doesn't  no the power of social media.

he does not  share her Post with social media, that's why he does not get.
some social media traffic.
so tell you how to increase your traffic 10 to 20%.
share social networking sites to your blog.
share your blog with social media platforms to increase your blog traffic.
social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
Many people active in social media sites regularly, its  help to increase your blog traffic.

#(1)Blog comments.

Many  new bloggers  have some traffic  some people active on her blog.
but you cannot replay to your active user on your blog . thats reason many user can not come
in your blog you reply your blog users to get active users.That's why   many
active users on my blog go away on your blog.
and it does not come again on your blog because you can't reply.
her comment, does not solve  her question.

#(2) Backlinks
Backlinks is the one of the best way to attract users to your blog.
backlinks is increase your blog traffic.
so basicaaly you go in rank website those website allready rank in google,
so that work many users active in those website so many users are lokk your website,
and come in your website.
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