How To Add Web Push Notification To Blog

Hello my name is  Sharad Bhaste. I am college student.
 you visit lots of websites in  daily. history in this website have one web push button.
that web push button helps to increase your subscriber.
and it's worth to get traffic about 20 to 30 %.

Now how its work.
In many websites to see web push button is come and which two options allow for don't allow.
you all are the web push button means you get notifications of this website.
Prince websites daily blog update what something website update notifications.

Now what is web Push button?

In this website I tell you how to active pushEngage web notification Blogger,wordpress.
in this pushengage You alllow the subscription to the your user reader.
In letter you give any object notification reader was active.
In simple language  red rose come in your website that time one popup was open and his two options
allow or don't allow the reader was allow the pop-up  means reader was subscribe your website as
usual YouTube.

you see you have subscribe any  YouTube channel. then the youtuber upload a new video you
get notification.
like that pushEngage  work. any Give notification for your readers to you upload a new blog.

How to add web push notification to your website.

Supported browsers

Chrome  Mac OS x,  Chrome Windows, Chrome on Linux, Chrome on Android.

WhatsApp on Mac OS, Firefox on Windows, Firefox on Linux.

Safari on Mac OS X

Mobile or  desktops.

To increase your blog traffic so register in pushEngage.
go to pushengage website.And register your free account.
but in free account you can send only 2500  subscriber notification.
go to pushengage website
fill the form   in this form you Fill Email ID, subdomain, mobile number ,  mobile number is option.
First thing you do after register account.

you go to setting  and you after go to Installation setting
Inciting you upload your website name, website URL, your website logo.
then after you copy the JavaScript code.
and go to your blogger account, after you go your blogger account to go to theme settings.
when click on edit them,  now you can paste this JavaScript code on your below the  blog theme </head>.

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