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Hello friends my name is sharad bhaste.
I am one  blogger. I am start  blogging, I never understand what is SEO.
that time I know the full form of SEO.
today I know the full form of  SEO. that means the Search Engine Optimisation.
its help to increase your blog ranking on Google, ithelp to get traffic organic traffic.
SCO is basically work for your blogger website is rank on google.

so  SEO is many types. basic SEO, advanced SEO.
so basically the basic SEO is a  meta tag, or Google search console. Etc.
I don't know the advanced search SEO.

but friends today I tell you how to increase a blog traffic a 10 to 20%.
you if you are blog content is good you are increase a 50% or more than because today
I tell you where is the traffic how to attract the traffic in your blog.

if you are blog content is so good your blog is get more traffic in this way.
so friend most important in your blog is your blog content. if you are blog content is not so
good you are blog is not run in internet .
4 no traffic or no views in your blog because your blog content it's not too good you try anyway.

you take advertise in Google for your blog but your blog content is not so good you have not
visit no traffic in your blog because people look what's in your blog. if people was not satisfied
your blog they can't come back. and they can't stay in your bag because your broken then it's
not so good and people was not satisfied your blog.

always blog content is the king so basically you have good blog content cement problem is how
to attract people in your blog X Men collection today I tell you how to attract the people in your blog
how to get more traffic in your blog.

so friends  everybody knows quora .  is one of the best knowledge sharing website in the internet.
everybody knows about it.  many people is active and come in this site because this is knowledge
sharing website.
What you do you go to this website and you sir your blog content related questions and go
and replace their questions and said in this your answer come and look our website to get more

so basically those are comes in our website.
visible in this website not only one person sees your answer many people is your answer and
2000 comes in your website and your website for Blog traffic is also increase and they like your
blog content they are definitely come  return in your blog.
If any question about this  post comment below I will reply you.

keep visiting our website,  i post daily new blog.

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If you don't understand any part on this blog.
you can check our YouTube channel and followed the video step.

again thanks for visiting, keep visiting.
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shabaz r
July 13, 2018 at 5:02 AM ×

Your good knowledge and kindness in playing with all the pieces were
very useful. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not
encountered such a step like this.

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